The Big Questions

Sometimes in life we have some questions which we cannot ask everyone because we are sure they won’t be able to answer them, this blog will guide you towards what you can do about it.


Who am I? Is everything in this universe connected? Is the observable universe an illusion? Why everything in Nature happens in a perfect order? Why is there a perfect symmetry in all living and non-living object? Are we living in a multidimensional and multiverse at every moment? What happens after we die? Does the consciousness still continue to exist?

These are just some of the questions I am sure you have asked yourself or googled about if you have ever been interested in knowing something more than what is taught in today’s educational institutions or just for exploring the frontiers of spirituality.

I was always curious and still am curious about finding answers to some of these questions and believe me the more I ask, I get closer towards finding the answer but with more complicated and complex questions.  I know this life is not just about getting an education, then a job or just about earning money and getting along with life it’s about something more important more meaningful.  And then the biggest question is If we are able to question about this stuff, it is possible to find answers for them. Because if there were no answers towards some concept we cannot even question it.

For Eg: When we think about questioning our non-existence, it’s difficult to comprehend the concept of us being non-existent. And we cannot enquire about it further because the moment you think about something it starts the existence of everything.

But some questions like consciousness and its relationship with our intellect and memories is possible and the answers can be explored when we are in a state of deep thinking or relaxed state. In our daily life, we cannot think about such concepts because of all the chaos which is going on in our mind. For such questions to be answered we need to be in a meditative state because we do not need any stress or chatter going on in our mind.

Every spiritual person who has ever come across any theories or answers towards these big questions will be in a state of relaxation and like a sudden bolt of lightning he is like “Ohh that’s why it exists”. It’s unique and personal every time with everyone.

The basis of all religion have always been on the basis of such questions and that has motivated people to search and explore spirituality that is looking within their selves for the answers.

So If you are like me and trying to find answers for such questions you can just relax by doing some deep breathing exercises and get in a meditative state and ask the question over and over again in your mind, and slowly as your mind chatter will settle down a small voice in your head will start giving you glimpses of wonderful things from which the answers will emerge.


Subconscious Health

Sometimes life can deceive you in ways you cannot imagine. Take a look at how social media is affecting your health.

Well apart from the ambiguous title of the post, I want the reader to understand that all the opinions and thoughts expressed in this blog are just my theory and observation, it may or may not be scientifically proven yet.

So let’s begin, First let me ask you three simple questions. Make sure you answer them in your mind as you read this post, it will make things interesting.

  1. Do you believe in the law of attraction or law of thought?
    If the answer is yes good. If no read the next question.
  2. Do you believe in the subject of Subconscious mind?
    If the answer is yes I saw it coming. If no please read the next question.
  3. Do you believe in Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?
    If yes I knew it. If still no you better start using the Internet for something good like say umm.. ‘Wikipedia‘ or ‘WebMD‘.

Now the reason for asking you those three “not-so-silly” questions was not to make you feel bad if you answered no to the last two questions, but rather to make you understand the role of your subconscious mind in your daily life, more specifically the role it plays on your health as far as the scope of the post goes.

(F.Y.I about that first question I will be writing about it in detail in my coming posts.)

Your subconscious mind has a deeper impact than you can imagine. The so-called “conscious” actions which you do every day are a result of your subconscious thoughts. The habits which you have formed over the years, the words which you have heard over time, the posts which you have read in your entire lifetime and also the advertisements which you have seen or heard over television, internet, radio or people.

I would be talking about how everyday media can subconsciously affect your health even worse than not eating healthy food or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Every single word which you have not paid attention to till today is still lying around in some corner of your brain it’s just that you have not created a ‘neural pathway‘ towards it so you don’t remember it yet.
So your health is basically a mirror of your thoughts or subconscious stuff you have gathered and really paid attention to. So if tomorrow you come across a post on Facebook with a title saying “You won’t believe what researchers have found”and when you clicked on it says something about sugar causing cancer in the long run. And if you really read every word of it with 100% attentiveness and start worrying about it. There is a chance you will have cancer just because you read that post.

Now this is not some bluff I am trying to play with words. You can think about it in this way, A hypnotist has put you in a state of trance and instructed you that whenever someone calls your name your eyes will itch. Now the result of this varies according to the patients will and mental power but it will eventually work. Ever heard about “Placebo-surgery“? If not I would advise you to take a look at it, it will blow your wonderful mind.
So basically it suggests that a fake surgery sometimes can get you the same positive outcomes as the real one. Pretty Neat, huh?

So coming back to the post and not getting lost in the beauty of pseudo-science. I want to tell you that every advertisement about treatment you come across or any research which you come across if it does not make you feel good, just laugh about it and mentally say to yourself that this is all a sham, and its not always true.

Let me give you a small example
Check out the post below
A Post saying drinking (alcohol) is actually good for you  : It basically says that moderate amount of alcohol is good for you. 

Now take a look at the next post:

A post saying not even moderate drinking good for your health.: It says that all the claims made by other posts suggesting moderate drinking is false.

That brings us to the end of our small post.
This was just a small post about how conscious thoughts about unconscious things can affect your health and change the quality of life, I would be writing more in-depth posts about these topics in the coming days. So stick around, like / share or comment on this post if you like it.