The POOR you

Poverty is not good, but how can we help someone or the whole society as a whole to overcome poverty? I try to answer some of these questions in this blog


You are probably reading this blog because you are concerned or you want to contribute something towards eradication of poverty. Well, I welcome you to my world. The feeling which I always have after watching a homeless guy getting froze in cold nights, or when a small child search for food inside a garbage container without enough clothes to cover his body. It just fills my eyes with tears and my mind with anger and heart with feeling of humanity. So why does this poverty keep on growing like a weed?

Now, there are so many experts in this fields who have worked out their “expertise” and found causes about the economy and illiteracy & addiction to drugs and alcohol to be some of the reasons of poverty. Well, yeah true but what’s the solution? What is that we can do on our part?  I have been thinking a lot on this topic and came up with many solutions which I am going to share under the title Dynamic Poverty, and you can also contribute to this cause by writing your solution. The first and the most effective solution to weed out this poverty, together as a society is by becoming HUMAN, well to be frank I think that it can totally minimize poverty. I mean it sounds so ridiculous when I say to people that they do not behave like humans when they see someone else suffer, but that attitude changes when I say to them, “put yourself in their place and imagine what will you do if you are homeless”. Suddenly there are emotions, fearful thoughts, anxiety and various other emotions which bring out the real human inside every person. We are all humans and we are all connected, the breath we share is the same, and in a deep sense we all live in a world that is composed of the same matter as every one else is composed of and thus the feeling. Till now, you should be wondering about the off topic which I am taking and asking yourself that, how can that possibly be of any relation with Poverty. But I tell you, be patient and you can and will change the world in a better way. The basic illusion of duality which differentiates you and him is the cause of Poverty. The moment you realize that you and that person are the same, there wont be any other poor person for you and Poverty as a whole shall be extinct. Spiritual thinkers and Economist are two far corners of the world but I tell you an immediate solution to the elimination of poverty is at  the midpoint of the line joining the two sections. Because as soon as they realize they are suffering and causing themselves misery, we can all come together and find a solution to this problem forever.

When I first said to myself that the blog title should be dynamic poverty, I assumed myself to be a homeless person and I thought that, the views of great economists who try and form strategies to eliminate the poverty as a whole by designing business strategies or monetary strategies in a certain country doesn’t matter to me, but the only thing that matters is what other people who completely ignore me when they walk across me think. So the next time when you see someone who can really need your help, assume it to be you and then help him, talk to him as if someone should talk with you because at an abstract level “He is you”.